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Are you Transitioning from Another Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) Program?

If you previously acquired your professional liability protection pursuant to a claims-made policy or through a commercial PLI provider, your earlier protection may no longer apply to claims arising from past events. The CNPS recommends that you speak with a Legal Advisor to determine if there could be a gap in protection that could be bridged through retroactive protection.
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COVID-19 Resource Hub

The CNPS has created a series of articles based on the most commonly asked questions we have received over the course of the COVID-19 epidemic in Canada. Please keep in mind, CNPS legal counsel are available during this time to assist with more detailed questions. Beneficiaries can call at 1-800-267-3390 for personalized legal advice.
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Key terms we use in this InfoLAW:  Plaintiff: the person or the organization who filed a civil lawsuit against someone else. Defendant: the person or the organization being sued in a civil lawsuit. There are several circumstances in which nurses are expected to advocate, such as with respect to quality practice environments, the provision of safe and...
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